Algaewheel® has several key
benefits that make it a sustainable technology

Algaewheel is a clean, green, nature-based technology


Conventional wastewater systems need vast amounts of energy to pump air through wastewater to supply oxygen to bacteria. As air only contains 20% oxygen most of the power expended to do this is completely redundant. 

Algaewheel® provides a more elegant nature-based solution. 100% pure oxygen is supplied naturally by the algae to the bacteria. Ultra-low energy blowers are all that is required to turn the wheels. The action of the wheels provides continuous aeration, completely eliminating the need for high-powered energy-hungry blowers. 

CO2 is immediately absorbed by the algae in the Algaewheel® system, efficiently completing a self-sustaining cycle.

Lower Capex and Opex


Algaewheel® enables the elimination and expense of big pipe infrastructure, which typically amounts to some two thirds of the overall cost of a conventional wastewater system. 

Treatment with an Algaewheel® system is extremely energy efficient. With the addition of a small solar array it is capable of operating independently from the power grid.

Adding Algaewheel® units to existing systems can extend their lives, improve treatment quality and save construction costs.

With straightforward operations and requiring limited maintenance, Algaewheel® saves skilled manpower costs typically needed for complex conventional systems.

Community Acceptability


​Unlike conventional systems, Algaewheel® biological treatment facilities do not smell. This cleantech algal wastewater treatment naturally eliminates the production of noxious pathogens. Low-level sounds produced by the wheels turning are entirely natural, sound like a running river, and are contained within the structure of the facility. 

In cold weather climates or in more urban locations, Algaewheel® plants feature a clean, modern, aesthetically pleasing greenhouse structure allowing secure, controlled, year-round treatment without creating an eyesore or requiring a zone around them.

Algaewheel® plants can easily be sited in the heart of a community without blighting nearby land. Algaewheel’s nature-based system is an innovative green technology that communities are proud to display.

Algaewheel® Meets The Three Key Criteria For Sustainablity:

  • Ultra-Low Energy use
  • Low Maintenance
  • Ease of Operations
  • Simple System Controls
  • Modular Design & Components
  • Rapid Installation
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Social Acceptance
  • No Odor
  • Low Noise
  • Community Integration
  • Green Technology