As set out by The Global Goals Initiative:

Algaewheel Contributes to most of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The UN Global Goals provide a unified framework to address global issues, such as poverty and inequality, climate change, and peace and security. They also lay out an agenda for global development and collaboration, which is crucial in tackling the major international challenges of our time

Our Technology can help with:

Sustainable Goal 2:
Zero Hunger

Sustainable Goal 3:
Good Health & Well-Being

Sustainable Goal 6:
Clean Water & Sanitation

Sustainable Goal 7:
Affordable & Clean Energy

Sustainable Goal 9:
Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Sustainable Goal 10:
Reduced Inequalities

Sustainable Goal 11:
Sustainable Cities & Communities

Sustainable Goal 12:
Responsible Consumption & Production

Sustainable Goal 13:
Climate Action

Sustainable Goal 14:
Life Below Water

Sustainable Goal 15:
Life on Land

Sustainable Goal 17:
Partnerships for the Goals

Our Technology can help with:

Algaewheel improves food security by providing decentralised water resources needed by agriculture. See our La Corte project

More hospital beds are occupied for water-related disease than any other. Algaewheel provides clean water for re-use.

For example, Algaewheel provides clean water to the sensitive Galena River region and to a project in Guerrero, Mexico

Clean water and sanitation are at the heart of what we do.

Algaewheel’s Summit Lake and Uniondale facilities are excellent examples of are ability to clean water for environmentally responsible re-use.

Algaewheel’s energy efficiency and ability to operate off-grid with solar panels creates modern energy.

Solar panels power Algaewheel’s plant installed for Tecnologico de Monterrey at its Puebla, Mexico campus

Algaewheel is resilient infrastructure which promotes sustainable industrialisation by addressing commercial emissions.

Algaewheel’sNaples facility won New York’s Mayor’s Award for the role it has played in attracting industry to a region

Algaewheel promotes sustainable and resilient cities by addressing core pollution risks and providing safe, reliable supplies of water even in stressed areas of the world.

COVID and the Ukrainian conflict are just the latest burdens placed on already challenged communities. Drought can force mass migration. Algaewheel’s Monofeya plant is the first of a programme of planned facilities to address endemic water scarcity threatening whole populations in Egypt.

Algaewheel promotes sustainable and resilient cities. It is partnering with a major new city developer in the Middle East which is interested to build multiple decentralised facilities to irrigate public areas and Eco-field agriculture.

Often remote communities in arid or environmentally sensitive areas need to extract and re-use water responsibly. This requires decentralised water treatment systems, to protect aquifers and wildlife. The Algaewheel facilities have helped achieve this in Knightstown and a Mexican Indigenous People Reservation in Mexico

The need to take urgent action to combat climate change runs through the Algaewheel DNA. Our plants consume more carbon dioxide than they emit.

Marine Resources are valuable but sensitive to man-made pollution. Algaewheels are installed at Indiana Dunes State Park, one of the top 5 most environmentally sensitive and protected state parks in the US on the shores of Lake Michigan

Algaewheel’s project at Lake View Estates, Florida (from septic to sewer) is part of a programme to reduce pollution and restore terrestrial eco-sytems in the Lake Okeechobee watershed

Algaewheel is working with a state-owned water utility in S.E. Asia on the programmatic rehabilitation of multiple failing water treatment systems that constitute significant public health issues. We are leading the way in multiple collaborations  with governments in the Middle East and also with universities around the world.

Green, from the Roots Up

Sustainability is in our DNA
Algaewheel reduces Greenhouse Gases in three ways

Avoiding C02 emissions

Algae directly absorb the carbon dioxide emitted by bacteria and in fact produce oxygen. CO2 is not emitted.

Abating emissions of methane

If process water is insufficiently aerated to deliver high levels of dissolved Oxygen (DO) methane (CH4) will be produced and emitted. The biological aeration created by Algaewheel delivers very high DO levels in the process water meaning that methane is not produced and therefore is not emitted.

Sequestering CO2

Algae absorb or sequester CO2 into their cell walls where it is ‘fixed’.