Algaewheel Retrofits can be an attractive financial option for existing owners, and offer a more rapid solution.

It is not always the case that it is necessary to build entirely new facilities. Sometimes the pipe infrastructure serving a site is still fit for purpose and has sufficient existing capacity to cope with additional flows as the community being served grows.

In such cases:

The owner may:

  • wish to work with his consulting engineer, general contractor and Algaewheel to undertake retrofit works to extend the life of the facility
  • wish to address their ongoing capacity to meet tightening environmental standards
  • need to ensure that sufficient physical space exists to install new  Algaewheel equipment while allowing the existing plant to be reconfigured

Algaewheel may:

  • need a survey of available space, particularly where there has been urban development nearby
  • propose a new plant design within the existing perimeter fence to reduce planning and permitting requirements; this can be a major structural and timetable advantage
  • propose the most cost-effective manner in which to re-purpose existing facilities to provide buffer capability


Prior to Algaewheel’s involvement the existing facility at Summit Lake  was failing systemically to cope with stricter environmental limits and was threatened with fines for non-compliance given the environmentally sensitive location.

Planning and permitting was able to accelerate because of the existing facility in place and space for new construction.

The new Algaewheel plant

  • Was built in less than 4 weeks from the start of construction (versus an estimate of 6 months for conventional options)
  • Is housed in a greenhouse so previously blighted land can be repurposed
  • Required less other civil engineering works and so the capital cost was less than it otherwise would have been
  • Addresses modern waste water intolerances such as nitrogen, Total Nutrient etc.
  • Uses a small fraction of the energy previously used and creates 25% less sludge requiring disposal
  • Won various awards for innovation and environmental responsibility

Algaewheel regularly works with Owners for them to decide if a retrofit solution is acceptable to interested stakeholders.

Watch a time-lapse of Summit Lake’s three week long construction below: