OneWater lnc. Announces First Algaewheel System In lowa

OneWater lnc, pioneer of the low-energy Algaewheel wastewater treatment process, recently announced the award of their first project in the State of lowa. The project, West Lake Park Wastewater Treatment Plant, is for the Scott County Conservation Board and includes installation of a 10,000 GPD average dry weather flow Algaewheel wastewater treatment plant. The Algaewheel process, which uses daylight for energy and optimizes the mutually symbiotic relationship between algae and bacteria, creates a paradigm shift for small communities and decentralized applications by providing an aesthetically pleasing, low energy treatment system.

Shane Oyler with Shive-Hattery Architecture & Engineering commented, “By embracing new technology, smaller treatment systems can effectively and efficiently address tighter permit limits. lt’s a good feeling to be able to help organizations like Scott County Conservation. Teaming with Scott County and OneWater to install the first AlgaeWheel plant in lowa is something Shive-Hattery is proud to be a part of .”Dubuque, lowa based Tricon General Construction is scheduled to start construction on the project in early spring 2019. The new wastewater treatment plant will replace an old activated sludge facility and provide treatment for all of the 620-acre Davenport, lA park facilities such as public restrooms, administration building, visitor center, and campgrounds. The new wastewater treatment plant includes the Algaewheel process and controls in an aesthetically pleasing greenhouse, and ancillary systems such as clarifiers, equalization, and sludge holding. Redundancy is provided for all major treatment components in keeping with lowa DNR requirements.

“The Scott County Conservation Board is extremely excited to be the first entity in lowa to be approved by the DNR to utilize Algaewheel technology…” said Roger Kean, Executive Director of the Scott County Conservation Board, “we feel that Algaewheel helps us meet the conservation and sustainability goals that we promote in our park system, and it gives us another real-life demonstration project to be used by our environmental education staff for public programming, and to help teach science, technology, and the need for cleaner water.”

The new wastewater treatment plant is expected to be operational in the summer 2019.

About Algaewheel
Algaewheel is a proprietary technology developed by OneWater lnc. that brings small-scale wastewater treatment into the 21’t century. The cornerstone of OneWater’s innovative Algaewheel design is an environmentally friendly and visually attractive modular system that can be installed quickly and mimics nature’s biological process to deliver high performance. lt is a low energy, self-sustaining ecosystem which uses daylight, in combination with the mutually symbiotic relationship between algae and bacteria, to autonomously deliver treatment with less operator attention and simple process controls.

Algaewheel’s contemporary greenhouse enclosure is a synthesis of form and function, combining the ideal treatment process environment with the aesthetics that make it easy to integrate into any community. Algaewheel transforms the viability of small community and decentralized treatment. For more information, visit For more information, visit

About Onewater lnc.
OneWater lnc., with offices in North Carolina and lndiana, is dedicated to the exclusive deployment of Algaewheeltechnology in the U.S. market. OneWater is represented in lowa byVessco lnc. and in lllinois by Gasvoda & Associates.

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