OneWater Inc. Announces Algaewheel Acceptance In Colorado And Vermont

OneWater Inc., pioneer of the low-energy Algaewheel wastewater treatment process, today announced the acceptance of Algaewheel Rotating Algal Contactors (RAC) as an Alternative Technology for Use in Domestic Wastewater Treatment Works in Colorado. Denver based Coombs-Hopkins Company serves as Manufacturer’s Representative for the Algaewheel system in Colorado. Speaking about the approval, Dan Johnson, Chief Technology Officer for OneWater said, “we are extremely pleased that Colorado has accepted Algaewheel and that we can bring the sustainable benefits of this low-energy treatment technology to support clean water efforts in the State.”

OneWater Inc. also announced approval of Algaewheel by the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation as an Innovative and Alternative Technology. The approval is for use with soil-based wastewater disposal systems with flows greater than 1000 gallons per day. Champlin Associates of Essex Junction, Vermont, is OneWater’s manufacturer representative for Algaewheel in Vermont and the other New England states.

Steve Kingsland, COO of OneWater Inc. commented, “we are looking forward to working with both Champlin Associates in Vermont and Coombs Hopkins in Colorado as part of our national independent sales representatives’ network. The Algaewheel process, which uses daylight as the energy source for the photosynthetic production of oxygen, creates a paradigm shift for small communities and facilities by providing an aesthetically pleasing, low energy treatment system.”

About Algaewheel
Algaewheel is a proprietary technology developed by OneWater Inc. that brings wastewater treatment into the 21st century. The cornerstone of OneWater’s innovative, Algaewheel Rotating Algal Contactor design is the natural production of oxygen by algae to significantly reduce aeration costs that are typical in wastewater treatment. This biological aeration feature supercharges treatment while reducing energy use. In addition, the Algaewheel process mimics nature’s mutualistic algal-bacterial biofilms where both algae and bacteria benefit and thrive from coexisting together. The result is a low-energy, self-sustaining ecosystem that autonomously delivers treatment with less operator attention. Nutrient reduction in the Algaewheel system occurs by both bacterial and algal processes.

Algaewheel features a contemporary greenhouse enclosure or cover system to combine the ideal wastewater treatment environment with the aesthetics that make it easy to integrate into any community. Algaewheel transforms the viability of wastewater treatment for communities, developments and other domestic treatment facilities with flows up to 250,000 gpd.

About OneWater Inc.
OneWater Inc., with offices in North Carolina, Indiana, and Mexico, is dedicated to the exclusive deployment of Algaewheel technology in the North American market. OneWater is represented across the US and Mexico by a manufacturer’s representative network. For more information, visit

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