Oldcastle Precast Announces National Agreement With Algaewheel

Oldcastle Precast, the leading manufacturer of precast and polymer concrete and plastics in the United States, and part of Oldcastle, Inc., the U.S. arm of international building materials company CRH, announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Indianapolis based Algaewheel Technologies, LLC to sell Algaewheel technology as part of its decentralized wastewater treatment systems in the U.S.

Under the terms of the agreement, Oldcastle will incorporate the unique and patented “green” algal growth process to effectively manage wastewater treatment in a sustainable manner. Oldcastle’s systems will be applicable for cluster housing, commercial, educational, institutional, and other applications where connecting to a central sanitary sewer is not possible or is too expensive.

According to Oldcastle, they have already been marketing the Algaehwheel Bacpac system in the Midwest, which is a low-energy (due to use of solar energy) and low-maintenance pretreatment system for commercial subsurface disposal applications (www.oldcastleprecastonsite.com). According to Steve Kingsland of Oldcastle Precast’s National Sales, Marketing & Engineering Group, “we will be launching a larger system, called the Maxpac, for secondary and tertiary treatment applications within the next six months. Like the Bacpac, the new Maxpac system, will feature Algaewheel technology and will treat wastewater in the same environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.”

Explains Kingsland, “there are huge green benefits to this technology in that as algae grows through photosynthesis (solar energy usage), it produces oxygen and uses CO2. The carbon footprint of the systems is significantly smaller, and the resulting biomass is a renewable energy source!”

For more information about Oldcastle Precast, visit www.oldcastleprecast.com.

SOURCE: Oldcastle Precast

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