Algaewheel® has a decade of experience supplying a wide range of industries with water treatment solutions.

Industry accounts for a significant proportion of water consumption and wastewater production. 

Algaewheel’s technology is an ideal treatment solution for this market where effluents contain high organic and nutrient loads. In particular:

  • Food and beverage industry, including, food processing and brewing
  • Minerals and mining
  • Solid waste management (landfill leachate)

In addition, the treatment of:

  • anaerobic digestor supernatant
  • effluent lagoons from large Concentrated Animal Feed Operations (CAFO)

A CAFO which has more than 1,000 animal units (defined as an animal equivalent of 1,000 lbs live weight), equating to 700 dairy cows or 2,500 swine weighing more than 55 lbs.

Regulators are now severely restricting the amount of nutrient-rich water that can be applied directly to the land from such facilities.



In many parts of the world municipal authorities are overstretched or inadequately funded. Companies with local operations (particularly from overseas) are required to make their own provision both for water, everything from water supply (possibly with their own boreholes) to water treatment and subsequent re-use.  

Often such companies are in business parks that are remotely located.  Any facilities constructed need to be within their perimeter fences, often next to the car-park or customer areas. They are unsightly, smell and are costly to maintain. 

Algaewheel’s decentralised approach provides an ideal solution to such problems: quiet and reliable, economic to maintain and aesthetically attractive; both a wastewater solution and a source of re-used water for irrigation or within the building.

Looking to the future, not the past


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Algaewheel in motion:

“(This) is an efficient and well-planned system that will serve our community very well. The birds, the fish and the ecosystem will benefit from the right decisions we the people made.”

– George Blair, Council Member,
City of New Albin

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