EPA: Examples of Innovation in the Water Sector

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has recently included Algaewheel in its round-up of new technologies currently innovating the water sector. Algaewheel was featured in the ‘Improving Performance of Small Systems’ category, with the following description:

Algae-Based Wastewater Treatment

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources worked with Commonwealth Engineers, Inc. and One Water Group to install algae-based wastewater treatment systems at two of its state parks. Both locations use an algaewheel® system, which works similarly to a rotating biological contactor. Wastewater is conveyed to a basin containing partially submerged paddles (wheels), which are rotated via a blower. Biofilm, made of a consortium of algae and bacteria, attached to the wheels supply oxygen to the wastewater while removing nutrients. These small, decentralized systems are ideal for low flow facilities. Little land space is required and the system is capable of handling variable flows with changes in seasonal demands. More information on the Indiana facilities

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