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OneWater Inc, pioneer of the low-energy Algaewheel wastewater treatment process, recently announced the award of their first project in the State of New York. The project, Village of Naples, New Sanitary Sewer System and WWTP, includes installation of a new collection system and 50,000 GPD Algaewheel wastewater treatment plant to sewer the Main Street corridor for the Village of Naples in Ontario County. The Algaewheel process, which uses daylight for energy and optimizes the mutually symbiotic relationship between algae and bacteria, creates a paradigm shift for small communities by providing an aesthetically pleasing, low energy treatment system.

“Failing septic tanks impact both our natural and scenic resources and our tourism economy preventing development of tourist accommodations such as hotels, restaurants, and taverns” said Brian Schenk, Mayor of the Village of Naples, “ After learning of this innovative technology, Public Works Supervisor David Voss II and I decided to travel to Indianapolis, Indiana where there were Algaewheel treatment facilities in operation as well as a brand new facility in start-up mode. To say the least, we were quite impressed with the modular and aesthetically pleasing design as well as the ultra low energy use, ease of operation and effectiveness of treatment. We feel that the Algaewheel system is a perfect fit for the needs of Naples and will allow for a seamless expansion of the facility to accommodate future growth”.

Project Engineer Peter Martin, PE of Hunt Engineers Architects Surveyors, DPC commented, “Onewater Inc. has closely supported the design process with the Village’s interest in mind every step of the way. They have taken proven treatment technologies, often implemented on a much larger scale, and repackaged those processes in an easy to operate configuration for minimally staffed small to mid-size communities. It has been a refreshing experience to work with Onewater, Inc on this successful project.”

Spencerport, New York based Crane-Hogan Structural Systems Inc. is scheduled to start construction on the new wastewater treatment plant later this summer after groundbreaking on July 29th. The new plant and collection system will be used to replace failing septic systems for residents and businesses along the Main Street corridor. The new wastewater treatment plant includes the Algaewheel process and controls in an aesthetically pleasing greenhouse, and ancillary systems such as clarifiers, equalization, and sludge holding, as well as polishing filters and disinfection. Treated water from the new facility will be discharged to the Grimes Creek Raceway to Naples Creek under a State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Discharge Permit from the Department of Environmental Conservation.

The new wastewater treatment plant is expected to be completed in Spring of 2020.

About Algaewheel

Algaewheel is a proprietary technology developed by OneWater Inc. that brings wastewater treatment into the 21st century. The cornerstone of OneWater’s innovative Algaewheel design is an environmentally friendly and visually attractive modular system that can be installed quickly and mimics nature’s biological process to deliver high performance. It is a low energy, self-sustaining ecosystem which uses daylight, in combination with the mutually symbiotic relationship between algae and bacteria, to autonomously deliver treatment with less operator attention and simple process controls. Nutrient reduction in the Algaewheel system occurs by both bacterial and algal processes and the photosynthetic production of oxygen removes the need to provide costly aeration.

Algaewheel’s contemporary greenhouse enclosure is a synthesis of form and function, combining the ideal treatment process environment with the aesthetics that make it easy to integrate into any community. Algaewheel transforms the viability of wastewater treatment for communities, developments and other domestic treatment facilities with flows up to 250,000 gpd.

About One Water

OneWater Inc., with offices in North Carolina and Indiana, is dedicated to the exclusive deployment of Algaewheel technology in the U.S. market. OneWater is represented in New York by G.P. Jager Inc.

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